We believe in the value of the change that we make in the lives of children. But the impact on the community doesn’t end with young students. Our organization touches the lives of teachers, parents, volunteers, and more. From there, the cycle continues. Here are just some of the amazing stories and testimonials from past participants.

Roberts Road Elementary

Teachers came up to me during the delivery and went into great detail on several students that they had at the beginning of the year. Several of them did a complete 180 in both Conduct and Reading after they were told about the Bicycle Program. Prior to that, they weren’t sure what the future held for these students.
– Chris Adkisson, School Caravan Captain, Roberts Road Elementary in Waller ISD

Jefferson Elementary School

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your organization has brought so much joy to our students, parents, staff, and community. Thank you for instilling the message that hard work and effort pays off.
– Siomara Saenz-Phillips, Principal, Jefferson Elementary School