Our bicycle programs are the center of our organization’s efforts. To date we have awarded more than 150,000 bicycles to hard-working students. To connect our program with the students that need us most, we work directly with Title One schools within the independent school districts of Greater Houston.

To ensure success, teachers, parents, and children all collaborate to create personalized goals for each student. Students sign a contract, making a commitment to work hard to achieve their goals. When they succeed in improving their literacy skills, we award them with a brand new bike and helmet.

We have spring, summer, and fall reading programs, and each program kicks off with an exciting school pep rally and ends with a bike-building event.

Click here for a list of schools people like you have helped impact so far. If you represent a school and are interested in how to participate, please email info@CYCLEHouston.org for more information.

If you would like to help us to inspire young students, please consider making a donation today.