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Bike Builds

Like everyone else, we have been impacted by COVID-19

Our goal is to provide 10,000 bicycles for 2021, which is double of what we did for 2019. But we still need your help. Please consider volunteering and donating so that we can encourage 10,000 students! 

March 2021 Update – A limited Spring campaign has been started for 5 schools in the Dickinson and Houston ISDs. The plan is to distribute some 500+ bicycles in the month of May. Thanks to the sponsorship of Allegiance Bank, students in a Houston ISD school will be receiving Bicycles and Helmets this semester in spite of the Corona Virus Pandemic. If you would like your company to sponsor one of our schools this semester please let us know via the Contact Us page.

With three (3) vaccines currently available, we at CYCLE hope to have a large scale NRG December 2021 Bike Build. Although we are in the planning stages, the implementation will still depend on the ever-changing pandemic landscape as well as many other factors that could affect our decision to go or no go. This web page and being on our mailing list will keep you informed to our latest changes.

February 2021 Update – A limited 2020 December Bike Build was implemented of some 454 bicycles. Due to the pandemic, we limited ourselves to four(4) schools: Bastian, Eliot, Goodman and Heritage. We were disappointed in that we could not do a normal large scale build and that only corporate sponsors were invited to the builds.