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Bike Builds

Like everyone else, we have been impacted by COVID-19

We are constantly reviewing our options on how we will implement the Bike Builds to ensure everyone’s safety. It is important to note that the students we serve are in families that have been hit the hardest. Your donation will have a greater impact as families hunker down and strive to meet basic needs. Please take the time to donate as generously as you can.

November 2020 Update – A very limited 2020 December Bike Build is being implemented of some 454 bicycles. Last year we supported 47 schools but due to the pandemic, we are limiting ourselves to four(4): Bastian, Eliot, Goodman and Heritage. We apologize in that we will not be doing a normal large scale build and that only corporate sponsors are doing the builds. 

However, we have in our plans to do a 2021 Spring campaign to meet the needs of the other 43 schools.  Please keep an eye on this space and we will be sending emails to registered volunteers to keep everyone updated. If you haven’t registered then join our email list.